Top 5 Home Staging Tips

Top 5 Home Staging Tips

We’ve all probably seen them — the listings that show dishes in the sink and un-made beds. Giving your house a good tidy like your mother-in-law is coming to visit, is the first rule of thumb. However, there are some great ways to make your home more attractive to buyers beyond the initial cleaning. 

  1. Declutter. People want a feeling of calm, peace, and relaxation. Too much “stuff” to look at keeps the eyes racing and subconsciously makes people feel anxious. You are used to your own “stuff”. You see if every day, but when people come into your home, it’s all a new, fresh experience. So, reduce, reduce, reduce. On shelves, avoid a myriad of tiny nick-nacks. Instead, just have one object or a small stack of books. On kitchen counters, put away the toaster, coffee maker, blender…. keep it simple. The other important aspect to decluttering is your hidden spaces. When people are previewing a home, they look inside closets and drawers. Yep – they do! Having disorganized closets that are filled to the brim tells the buyers “Not enough closet space” or “ugh, I don’t want a house that will be this messy.” It's just how the brain works. Rent a storage unit if you must. Purge things you don’t need. Do what you need to do to make your home as sparse as possible. Even a coat closet with just 3 coats hanging in it gives feeling of “someone lives here” rather than a coat closet so full you can barely squeeze another hanger in there. It may start to feel “empty” but it will make your spaces feel larger and more inviting.
  2. Depersonalize. It’s important for potential buyers to imagine themselves living in your space. It’s hard to do that when they see lots of family photos or are surrounded by very specific décor that doesn’t fit their style. For example, you may have lots of Asian-inspired art, décor, paintings, etc. But not every buyer will be into that type of décor. Pare that down to make the vibe as neutral as possible. 
  3. Fresh paint. If you can, it’s helpful to apply a fresh coat of paint, especially to high traffic areas like door jambs, and high traffic areas like kitchens. Additionally, if your home uses very bright or very dark colors, you might consider painting those areas with a fresh coat of a neutral color to brighten and neutralize the space. This will allow the potential buyer to focus more on the space and the “bones” of the house rather than getting distracted by bold colors. 
  4. Consult a professional. A great way to make your house "show" better is to stage it with fresh, modern furniture that feels stylish and works well together. If your space is a collection of various textures, genres, and styles, it can come across as cluttered or unattractive. Remember, we are all bombarded by images from HGTV, Pinterest, etc., which has elevated the level of buyers' expectations and desires. Consulting a home staging specialist  can be a valuable step in this process. They can help you create a plan and ensure that your home presents itself in the best way possible. Fredericksburg Realty Group has partnered with Blackchalk Home and Laundry for many listings, making it easier for us to provide expert guidance and staging assistance.

As a homeowner, it might be hard to think about investing even MORE money in your home right before selling it, but maybe some of these stats from will shed some more light on the benefits of home staging. 

  • Over 90% of realtors state the benefits of home staging helps to sell a property
  • The return on investment (ROI) for home staging can be up over 550%.
  • 40% of buyers are more willing to visit a staged home they found online.
  • Over 65% of 900 realtors surveys believe that home staging helps sell a house for more money.
  • Similarly, nearly 85% of realtors agree that a staged home will sell faster than an unstaged home.
  • Homes that are staged sell 73% faster than those that are not staged.
  • 77% of buyers’ agents agree staging a home makes it easier for buyers to visualize the property as their future home.
  • A staged home can receive up to 10% more online views than an unstaged home.
  • 95% of buyers’ agents agree that home staging has at least some effect on a buyer’s view of the home.

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