The Benefits of Downsizing

The Benefits of Downsizing

The Benefits of Downsizing


Everything is bigger in Texas, right? Hold on a minute. Ask the average person “Why do people typically downsize when looking for real estate?” and odds are they will say “retirement” or “they can’t afford it anymore.” However, there is a tiny living craze that has been marinating for a few years and sheds new light on the reasons to downsize even for those who don’t “have to”. Let’s look at our top 6! 


Less stress

Anyone that has owned a home for at least a year or two knows the responsibility that comes along with it. Now magnify the square footage, acreage, and things like barns, pools, septic systems, fences, etc. It can be a lot to manage—from cleaning to landscaping maintenance and repairs. Downsizing can reduce the stress and eliminate a lot of responsibility. We personally know a couple that sold a 3500SF home on 5 acres with a pool, large barn and separate office/guesthouse because they were just tired of the responsibility. They even considered turning it into an STR and having someone manage it but ultimately, it was still theirs to worry about and make sure it was being taken care of properly. They downsized and are happier than ever. 


More financial liquidity

Often a homeowner downsizes so they can be in a much more liquid financial position. This doesn’t necessarily mean they HAD to downsize. Just that they’d rather have the money at hand to travel, maybe to buy a second home or whatever…right now, rather than later. 


Experience over things

Expanding on the thought above… Many people that downsize have come to a point where they’d rather spend their time and money on experiences instead of things. Reducing the amount of time and money spent on maintenance, repairs, cleaning, etc can mean more money and time to spend traveling as a family or going out to eat or attacking a bucket list with some serious fervor. 


Forces you to purge

Let’s face it, we live in a pack-rat society. If you look at the explosion of available storage spaces (or we should say unavailable if you’ve tried to secure one lately) it’s hard to disagree. Downsizing forces you to get rid of things you don’t need, use, want or wear anymore. It can be very cathartic, cut down on clutter and as a result — reduce anxiety. When we get rid of life’s excess, we can appreciate the things we really do value that much more. 


More time together

Last, but certainly not least, when you have a smaller house, you spend more time together. This is especially true for families. Siblings that share rooms spend more time together. Houses with one main living room, rather than a larger house with a living room, TV room, game room, and man cave, will naturally spend more time together. A empty nesting or retired couple will spend more time together when they have less house to take care of. 

Bigger doesn’t always mean better. Whether you want a 5,000 square-foot, 50-acre ranch or a tiny home on wheels, just be true to what is important to you. Our entire team at Fredericksburg Realty Group is here to help you make your real estate dreams come true — no matter the size. 




Whether you are considering selling or acquiring property, we would love to be your trusted real estate partner and advisor. At Fredericksburg Realty and Texas Ranch Realty, we stand by our word, our authenticity and treat each client like family. 

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