Get Schooled on Local Schools

Get Schooled on Local Schools

Ask pretty much any parent in Fredericksburg and they’ll tell you “This is a great place to raise kids.” A lot of the credit goes to those who came before us and laid a solid foundation of family values and created the strong community we have today. What most visitors don’t realize is that one of the unusual benefits for a town of this size is the many educational options parents have.

We have a lot of schools!

Before we take a small peek at all of them, here’s one little bit of Fredericksburg history. Did you know the first school in Fredericksburg was the Veriens Kirche? Yep, the iconic building that is now situated in Marktplatz still stands as a symbol of our lasting German — and educational — heritage. Actually, there are many historic “country schoolhouses” sprinkled around the county, which shows the dedication to education throughout our history, so we think our lineup of options today would make our ancestors proud. 

Let’s dig in. 


Fredericksburg Independent School District —FISD (K-12)

FISD serves approximately 1,300 students on 6 campuses in Gillespie County: Fredericksburg Primary School, Fredericksburg Elementary School, Stonewall Elementary School, Fredericksburg High School, and Gillespie County High School. The “Battlin Billies” have a multi-generational community supporting them in athletics — and academics— as well as an exemplary staff dedicated to providing excellent education in every classroom. Parent involvement is not only easy, it’s welcomed through programs like the Booster Club and Mentoring. Students can take part in a variety of activities including band, theater, rocketry, construction and more. Learn more at


St. Mary’s Catholic School (Pre-K through 8th grade)

Established in 1856, St. Mary’s is steeped in tradition. As part of St. Mary’s Parish, this private school family reaches far beyond the walls of the school and is supported by a robust Catholic community including multiple generations of alumni and newcomers alike. Known for its community roots, excellent academics and character-building athletics (Go Apaches!), St. Mary’s welcomes families of any denomination. Their mission, “To inspire a lifelong love of God and service to neighbor,” is evidenced in the classrooms, on the playing fields and at home. It is located in the center of town and its historic buildings, adjacent to the iconic churches, only add to the charm and warmth of this cherished school culture. Learn more at


Heritage School (Pre-K-12th) 

Founded in 1994, Heritage provides a private, classical, Christ-centered education embracing the philosophy of Charlotte Mason. Educational phases are based on the trivium — grammar, logic, and rhetoric — which lay the foundation for future study. Their mission is to develop and nurture great minds and great character, resulting in servant leaders who follow Christ’s teachings. Students can participate in a variety of athletic programs (Go Eagles!) which have created an even stronger Heritage community. The beautiful Heritage Campus is located just minutes from  Main Street. Learn more at 


Ambleside (Pre-K through 12)

Ambleside is a private Christian school residing on a beautiful 10 acres just a stone’s throw from the center of town. It is pure Charlotte Mason, recognizing each child’s innate ability to learn. Methods emphasize narration, leveraging curiosity and developing excellent habits which lay the foundation for future mastery of any subject. Classroom education methods revolve around intrinsic motivation creating a growth-oriented student, as opposed to the traditional “assign-do-complete” process. Students can participate in a variety of life-long sports including tennis, golf, swimming, running, hiking & rock climbing. Learn more at



Harper Independent School District

Since it is in Gillespie County, you might say Harper is part of the Fredericksburg family. HISD offers elementary, middle and high school; and while much smaller than FISD, they have a broad offering of activities including a variety of athletics, band, clubs and fine arts. Learn more at 

Additionally, Fredericksburg has many families that choose to homeschool and are ready and willing to share information, connections and ideas.  

While this is not an exhaustive explanation of each school, it’s clear that families have ample choice when it comes to education for their children. We encourage parents to get more information on each school, take a school tour and talk to other families. Every one of these campuses is special and there is one perfect choice for every family that joins our community! 

The real beauty is the connectedness that germinates between all of the students. From little league sports and summer camps to church services and youth organizations, kids from all campuses intermingle and get to know each other as they grow up, preserving  that solid foundation of community we all love.


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