Fredericksburg Spring Break Tips From the Locals

Fredericksburg Spring Break Tips From the Locals

Spring Break is a magnificent time of year! Things are blooming. Families are spending memory-making time together. And Fredericksburg experiences one of its yearly economic surges as visitors fill our shops, lodging properties and restaurants. So here are a few tips from the locals to make your stay in Fredericksburg even MORE enjoyable for everyone!


  1. Pretend you live here...LoveFBGTX!  That’s right. Pretend you are a local and everyone you meet is your friend, neighbor, schoolmate or work colleague. That’s the Fredericksburg vibe. A culture of family, respect and pride of community is our cornerstone and important to remember when our little town experiences increased visitation. Our recent stewardship campaign encourages visitors to join in that feeling of ownership. Check it out.
  2. Get creative with dining. One of the great things about Fredericksburg is our many dining options! We have everything from authentic German food and Texas BBQ to upscale Hill Country cuisine and sushi. However, during spring break, if you want to dine in, expect a wait. Try hitting restaurants slightly before or after peak times. Make reservations if you can. Or, order for pick up or delivery. Since Covid, many restaurants that would typically be dine-in only, have curbside pickup still in place. Take it back to your lodging property or one of our local parks and enjoy!
  3. Leave the driving to someone else. Did you know that Fredericksburg has plenty of driving services? Forgo trying to park during Spring Break. Instead use one of the many transportation services in town. Check them out here. This not only is easier on you, but also lightens Main Street traffic and supports our local transportation companies. 
  4. Be patient. Like many other popular small towns across the country, Fredericksburg is still experiencing staffing shortages, which is only exacerbated during peak seasons. Just remember that everyone working the front lines at our restaurants, hotels, shops and attractions are doing their very best to provide a wonderful experience. 
  5. Plan ahead. Fredericksburg is not the sleepy little town it once was so a bit of planning might alleviate some frustration. If you plan on heading out to Enchanted Rock, you MUST make reservations in advance here. Watch their facebook page for any updates. Another good thing to do is to check out the entire calendar of events at the official Visitor Website.  It’s got every festival, music venue, and special spring break event listed. You’ll sure to find something that’s perfect for your group. 


We hope this helps make your spring break even better! Fredericksburg Realty Group and Texas Ranch Realty loves Fredericksburg and Gillespie County. We hope you do too!

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Fredericksburg Spring Break Tips From the Locals
Fredericksburg Spring Break Tips From the Locals
Fredericksburg Spring Break Tips From the Locals

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