Easter Season Nostalgia

Easter Season Nostalgia

It seems only fitting that during Easter season, we talk about one of the many aspects which makes Fredericksburg and the surrounding areas so special — our church communities! A spirit of faith and family has been part of our lives from the very beginning. One of the first things German settlers did when landing here was erect a church building for all religious groups to share. The Vereins Kirche was built in 1847, right in the middle of Main Street!

Over the next few decades, one-by-one each denomination began building their own churches throughout town and 50 years after the original Vereins Kirche was built, it had fallen into disrepair from lack of use, was considered a hazard at its Main Street location and was torn down in 1897. 

However, when the Gillespie County Historical Society was established in 1934, plans were made to re-construct the symbolic treasure. A replica of the building still stands as one of our most iconic landmarks — the Vereins Kirche building on Marktplatz— and was designated a historic landmark in 1967.

Many of those churches built in the early years still stand today and make for a spectacular historic walking tour. St. Mary’s Catholic Church features two structures. The first, called the Marienkirche, was built in 1861, and because of parish growth, the larger church was built in 1908 and is on the list of Texas’ beloved painted churches. Both are spectacular to see in person! 

Zion Lutheran Church on Main Street was constructed in 1854 and expanded in 1908 as well.

Holy Ghost Lutheran Church completed its construction in 1893. Bethany Lutheran Church dates back to the original Vereins Kirche but their current location was started in 1954. The list goes on and on. 

With the growth of residents and visitors, welcoming newcomers is a regular happening at all of our local church communities. If you haven’t already, take some time during this season of rebirth to visit these beautiful sites, meet new friends and neighbors and cherish the values and traditions that our ancestors left behind!


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