Become a Fredericksburg Foodie

Become a Fredericksburg Foodie

Are you a self-taught Fredericksburg Foodie yet? A few visits to some of our local dining venues and you will be converted to a true epicurean. Here’s why…


The culinary creativity is truly one of the mainstays in and around Fredericksburg. It has all been built on the backbone of the authentic German cuisine brought here from our founders back in 1846. And to this day, if you’re looking for a legit Bürgermeisterplatte then look no further than Der Lindenbaum on Main Street. The German roots run deep there. However, you will find German inspiration and influence at many other establishments in town


Are you more of a true Texas BBQ fan? We’ve got you covered — with loads of homemade BBQ sauce that is. There’s nothin’ like the smell of the slow smokin’ goodness and nothin’ like the taste of what comes off those grills.  From tangy and savory to sweet and spicy, there is no shortage of BBQ in the Fredericksburg and surrounding areas. Check out the full list here.


Tex-Mex could be an entire blog post in itself. 


But wait? Are you looking for a more “refined” dining experience that will not require the licking of fingers? You’ll find that, too. Ugh.. that’s the beauty of this area. There’s something for everyone. There are a number of restaurants that serve creative dishes. For example, there is the Lobster Topped Chicken Fried Ribeye at Cabernet Grill, Braised Pork Belly Tacos at Vaudeville, Brussels and Whiskey Salad at Hill & Vine and Chilean Seabass at August E’s. Basically, it’s a true foodie’s paradise. 


What makes this place so great is that in our small little town, you can have breakfast at one of our small, locally owned coffee-shops with homemade goodies. Then have an outdoor lunch at one of our casual eateries— with your 4-legged family member at your feet (at some venues) and then feel like you’ve been transported to Soho for a dining experience you won’t soon forget. 


For a full foodie picture, visit the Fredericksburg Convention and Visitor Bureau for the most complete and updated listing of all local eateries


Burgers. Pizza. Tacos. Sushi. Schnitzel. Sausage. You name it. It’s one of the 8 wonders of the Texas Hill Country. 


Hungry yet?

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